Anywhere Out of the World

Anywhere Out of the World

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Nicholas Delbanco weaves varied reflections to reveal a singular understanding of the relationships among literature, the past, and the world around us. He goes beyond commonplace travelogues, examining our desire to travel and to write and read about distant lands. Delbanco’s reflections on literature look to past writers and literary traditions as a way of enriching the present. He also remembers his friendships with two colorful departed figures, John Gardner and James Baldwin.


“A guide bleu for the literary armchair.” — Kirkus

“These essays combine Delbanco’s personal reflections with his well-informed grasp of literary tradition, which results in compelling meditations on the shifting nature of travel writing, death and loss in both literature and life.”

“His stories are rich in insight, making even a momentary perusal of Anywhere Out of the World worthwhile.” — Nick Owchar, Los Angeles Times

“Delbanco’s “Letter from Namibia” is as compelling and original a piece of travel writing as one is likely to find, paying meticulous attention to both physical surroundings and human companions.” — Wayne Hoffman, Washington Post

“The outstanding piece in the collection, ‘Letter from Namibia’, reveals a novelist’s eye for detail.” — Eric J. Iannelli, Times Literary Supplement