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Weekend Sunday Morning Edition 1-15-2012 (NPR): Daughter Auctions Stradivari Cello To Hear It Again

Elena and Nicholas Delbanco spoke on NPR’s Weekend Edition on the upcoming auction of their family’s famed Stradivarius cello known as the Countess of Stainlein. Download the interview » Listen to the interview on NPR » See Also: “Selling a 300-Year-Old Cello” on the The New York Times website »

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‘Lastingness': The Creative Art of Growing Old-NPR

Nicholas Delbanco’s latest work, Lastingness: The Art of Old Age, was recently featured on NPR’s “All Things Considered.” From the feature: In 1928, when poet William Butler Yeats was in his 60s, he wrote “Sailing to Byzantium,” in which he laments, An aged man is but a paltry thing / A tattered coat upon a […]

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